Who we are

TRIUM GmbH is a specialist risk management consultancy and insurance broker for small and medium-sized businesses in the German-speaking real-estate sector, offering modern digital insurance solutions for a variety of clients and asset classes. Our company was founded in 2008 and in 2020 became a subsidiary of the Aon group, a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions. At TRIUM, we pride ourselves on our pioneering approach and wide-ranging portfolio. With our streamlined digital processes, customised consultancy services and individual support, we give clients across the real-estate sector the confidence they need to make the right decisions for their organisation and secure their future growth.

Moving with the times – and always one step ahead

As a specialist real-estate insurance broker, we are experts in all aspects of insurance and risk management for the real-estate industry. We provide our clients from across the real-estate spectrum with state-of-the-art digital solutions designed to protect a variety of asset classes.

Founded in 2008, we are a medium-sized business ourselves and work exclusively with small businesses and medium-size enterprises from all sectors of the real-estate industry. What’s more, you have the added reassurance of being backed by a truly global player. That’s because in 2020 TRIUM became a subsidiary of Aon, one of the largest insurance companies in Germany and Europe. Aon has more than 50,000 employees in over 120 countries around the world, and in 2021 the group recorded an annual turnover of 12.2 million US dollars and placed around 1.9 billion US dollars of insurance premiums in Germany alone. As part of the Aon family, the TRIUM team can tap into all the group’s services and resources around the world, and we pass all these advantages onto you, our clients.

As a TRIUM client, you benefit from our extensive portfolio of solutions and services, including: a completely digital system for managing all your policies and claims, up-to-date insurer ratings, specialist risk-transfer solutions for your real-estate assets, worst-case scenario analyses and natural hazard assessments tailored to your real-estate locations, support from a dedicated team of risk engineers and lawyers, and the option to develop customised fire protection plans. Every one of these solutions and services has been developed with our three core values – efficiency, digital solutions and outstanding expertise – at heart.

With our pioneering portfolio, we are trailblazers for the entire industry. For our clients across the real-estate sector, we offer streamlined digital processes, specialist advice and individual support. That’s why we’re always moving with the times, and always one step ahead of the rest.

Values that matter

The name TRIUM stands for three core values: efficiency, digital solutions and outstanding expertise. These values underpin our entire business ethos and are embedded in TRIUM’s DNA. In our day-to-day work and interactions with you, our clients, we live and breathe these values through our personalised service, digital processes and professional expert advice.

We work in direct partnership with you and tailor our services and solutions to the exact needs of your organisation. By choosing to partner with us, you benefit from a designated network of contacts and ongoing assistance and advice, as well as the latest tools and processes. You also enjoy one-to-one expert support and all the advantages offered by powerful state-of-the-art technologies. With us, you always know whom to contact no matter what your field. You can even access all your policies and claims information via a single system whenever you need it.

Our highly efficient, flexible approach means the entire process is fast and straightforward, so you can enjoy maximum benefit for minimal effort.

From one medium-sized business to another

Turnover and profits aside, we operate as a medium-sized business ourselves and work exclusively with small and medium-sized organisations in the real-estate sector. Whether you’re a family-run firm, a co-operative, foundation or hotel chain – and whether you’re looking to insure your construction projects, financial transactions or property assets – we provide the support structures and growth opportunities that small and medium-sized enterprises in the real-estate sector need. Why? Because we’re passionate about promoting SMEs. We speak your language. We’re approachable and down-to-earth, and we have big plans for the future. Just like you.


TRIUM’s headquarters are located in Hamburg, but thanks to Aon’s network across Germany, we are able to deliver the same personal service to our clients across the country – from Hamburg to Munich and from Cologne to Berlin. We have 12 locations across Germany and 1800 staff working hard to support our clients.





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Management team

Our management team has a wealth of experience working in the insurance and real-estate sectors. They are on hand, ready to provide you with personal support and look forward to working with you to implement new projects, develop smart new solutions and overcome even the toughest challenges as you work towards your future goals.

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Management & Founding parner


Want to expand your professional horizons or looking for a new career direction? Then the TRIUM team could be for you. We are a modern and pioneering real-estate insurance broker with the energy of a start-up, the ethos of a medium-sized company and access to the resources of a truly global player.

We’re currently recruiting for the jobs listed below, but we also welcome speculative applications. Get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you.

Aon United

Did you know that the name Aon originates from the Gaelic word for ‚unit‘? Aon United is all about underlining this sense of unity, and  – as an Aon subsidiary  – TRIUM GmbH is automatically part of this network.

The global Aon network encompasses employees in 120 countries, all with excellent insights into the varying needs and requirements of our clients. Since becoming part of Aon United in 2020, we have regularly tapped into these valuable resources to help us develop effective strategies for delivering better information, expertise and solutions for our clients. These strategies have proven to be extremely effective and have been instrumental in maintaining our client satisfaction levels over many years, as well as strengthening the position of the Aon group.

TRIUM is a relatively new member of Aon United, but thanks to its digital expertise and knowledge of the SME market, it is already making a valuable contribution to this global network. And TRIUM and its clients, too, are enjoying the benefits of Aon United’s enormous pool of expertise and resources.

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As a real estate insurance broker, we specialise in insurance services for medium-sized businesses in all areas of the real-estate sector. Whether you’re an investor, family business, property or asset manager, real-estate owner or property developer, we look forward to hearing from you.