What drives us

Our partnership with our clients is based on three cornerstones: efficiency, digital solutions and outstanding expertise.


At TRIUM, we pride ourselves on delivering the perfect combination of a personal, local service and efficient digital processes.

We take the time to work with you to identify your risk management goals, develop targeted strategies and measures, and put these into action. We are there by your side from beginning to end, offering personal advice, regular dialogue and ongoing support, so that together we can achieve your goals within your agreed schedule.

Thanks to our Control Center, we offer exceptionally fast service and the highest standards of transparency.

Our services are designed to work in harmony with your business operations.

We set benchmarks in terms of transparency and speed with our Control Center.

Digital solutions

As a pioneering company, “going digital” isn’t just some abstract concept. Instead, we actually put these technologies into practice to benefit you, our clients. We understand that our clients are independent businesses and that, for you, time is money. That’s why, we use the latest digital technologies to help us deliver a fast and efficient insurance service. 

Our Control Center has been specially developed by a team of experts and boasts a unique user interface that allows you to see to your entire insurance portfolio at a glance. Here, you can access your policies, excess information, risk reports and premium invoices, as well as all your claims management documentation, monthly reports and status updates, so you can manage all your data and processes and view all the relevant information and reporting structures whenever you need. It’s simple, transparent and fully customisable to suit your organisation.

Outstanding expertise

As a real-estate insurance broker, we specialise in insurance services for medium-sized businesses in all areas of the real-estate sector. Whether you’re an investor, family business, property or asset manager, real-estate owner or property developer, we’re here to support you. We are experts in all kinds of property – from offices and residential buildings, to hotels, commercial buildings and retail units – and specialise in an extensive range of insurance solutions, including cover for your financial transactions, construction projects and assets, as well as protection against natural and human-made disasters. 

No matter what your situation, our experts are there by your side every step of the way, ready to provide up-to-date insurer ratings, develop specialist risk transfer solutions for your real-estate assets, and provide worst-case scenario analyses and natural hazard assessments that are tailored to your organisation.

By entrusting your insurance to TRIUM, you reap all the advantages of a highly skilled team, wide-ranging expertise and a long-term partner you can trust. With our international network, decades of experience and state-of-the-art processes and analytical techniques, you can count on us to deliver the best-possible solutions for you and your real-estate investments.

We give you the confidence to make better decisions.

The real-estate sector is at the heart of our business.